Architectural Bronzes, Copper Wire, and Fine Art Sculptures

Architectural sculptures are monumental works typically made of cast bronze using either the lost-wax, or sand casting process. Or in my case, they can also be made from 4gauge copper wire. They can soar to heights ranging from 7 to 20 feet tall and above. Architectural sculptures are typically designed and purchased for corporate, government or cultural arts setting such as this, my most recent commissioned piece for the state of Maryland. I refer to these as Light Sculptures, because as you can see, the shadows created by the light are as important as the actual sculpture.


The sculpture is eleven feet in diameter, and is made of 4gauge round copper wire, stainless steel mesh, and theatrical gels. It is mounted on a nine foot, 3/4 inch round aluminum circle.

This sculpture is located at 100 community Place, in Crownsville, Maryland.






The shadows, along with the theatrical lighting gels add fantastic color



Here is another commissioned sculpture called, “Seeing the Light” It is 4feet x 6feet made from 4gauge round copper wire. It was commissioned by Reiki physician, Dr. Francine Higgs-shipman, MD – Columbia, MD

plate11The wire is never heated during the bending process, nor is it soldered or welded to keep it locked in shape. I rely on twisting, or crimping small clips made from three quarter inch lengths of wire, which I then wrapped around abutting points. I chose copper wire because of its ability to conduct energy.


I typically work with 4gauge copper wire using only my hands, and a pair of channel grips to bend and shape the wire pulling it directly from a 250lb spool. Many of my life-size sculptures were created using a single piece of wire.

“Go” life-size using a single strand of 4gauge Copper Wire


“Sitting Girl” life-size – a single strand of 4gauge copper wire

Creative thought is after-all energy. To honor this symbiotic relationship between materials and the creative process, before making a single bend I first sit holding the wire firmly in both hands, while meditating upon an image in my heart. By doing so, the design is then transmitted through the wire, infusing each molecule with a concise snapshot of the proposed sculpture, preparing the wire for its role as partner in the creative process.

Here are some of the designs I have created over the years

I created this 8gauge copper wire sculpture in 1989, during my last days living at the Hari Krishna temple in Catonsville, MD. Right behind the white sheet is the 30x14ft cabin I lived in for two years.


“Man In A Box” 4’x3’ 4gauge Copper wire


“Me & She” 4gauge copper wire – retail $35,000



“Taking A Stroll” 8gauge copper wire – 17″

 “Nature Girl” 4’x3’ 4gauge Copper Wire


“Carried Away” 4gauge copper wire


“Archer” 5gauge copper wire 3f x 5f


“A wing & a Prayer” 4gauge copper wire 3f x 4f

img_0012“A Leap of Fait” 5gauge copper wire; 8-ft by 5-ft. This is an example of a monumental copper wire sculpture created for an interior setting at a retail price of $75,000.

Tip Toes & Tulips"

“Tip-toes Through the Tulips” Concept for a bronze sculpture – 18ft x 18ft with mixed media.

Speaking of bronzes, I trained at the New Arts Foundry for two years to learning how to cast bronze sculptures using the lost wax process, and sand casting. Here are a few of the pieces I have created:

Herman_ 8

I’m pretty good at creating and casting bass reliefs. I was commissioned to create this bass relief of President George H. W. Bush, as a gift for his son Neal Bush in the early 1990s.

Herman_ 9

“Woman Body Builder” 12 inches

This bronze sculpture was one of my first. It was caste at the New Arts Foundry in Baltimore, MD where I studied the art of lost wax and sand casting. My mentors Gary Siegel and Blake Conroy, are still there casting many of the bronze sculptures you see on display across this country.


“Shades of Vision, Shades of Influence” 12in. x 6in.

Shades3 Shades1 Shades2

The sculpture below was created in 2005 to be cast as a bronze sculpture.


“Feminine Rising” cast bronze; 7ft by 4-ft.

This is the original 7ft model of the sculpture, built in my Highlandtown studio back in 2005

The rubber mold has been made for this sculpture (thanks dad for the funds) and it is ready for casting at a retail price of $385,000, plus installation. 

Charcoal drawing: concept for a monumental bronze sculpture

“Humbled” 3/4 life size – to be cast in bronze

(Retail price: $95,000)

One foot in fire, one in water. His torso seems to be made from female shapes, and he carried a book in his right hand… hmmm! What’s that all about?

Rubber mold for “Humbled”

 “The Wall” cast bronze – 17 inches. Inspired by Joan Armetrading, from her 1985 album titled “Secrets, Secrets” and the song “Talking To The Wall”

 “Sitting Girl” Concept to be cast in bronze – life sized (Retail price: $75,000)

“Hearts and Crosses” to be cast in bronze 1/2 life size – was a collaboration between my best friend and artist Charles Ford, and myself. His painting “Hearts and Crosses” was the inspiration.

“Brooding Girl” Bronze 27 inches – also a collaboration between Mr. Ford and I

In the Montel Williams collection

156576_10200531861195690_862474175_nTo speak with Herman Williams III about anything you have seen on this page, leave a message at Facebook or send an Email to I will contact you within 3 business days.



















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