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H. P. Stanly, is the pen name of Herman Williams III, author of “Memoirs of An Extraterrestrial, the Negro Conundrum” which is a compelling, and at times outrageous collection of fictionalized stories, taken from the life and times of a reluctant messiah known as Homam, after he discovers to his horror, he has incarnated to Earth in the body of a Negro.

Fans at the Enoch Pratt Library Book Fair 2014

He arrived to Earth’s shores in December of 1953, the son of a white mother and Negro father, fully conscious of his true nature as something other than what he appeared to be on the outside. Even his name came from a mysterious source.

Growing up in a predominantly colored neighborhood, Homam was restless for a deep connection with others of his kind. But it wasn’t until his family moved to the predominantly white, redneck infested Glen Burnie, Maryland, and he was bused to white schools that Homam began to feel alive.

His love for white people, (he invited himself to a sit-down meeting with members of the Klan) compared to an inexplicable, searing dislike for Negroes – including his own father, left him between two words. When the confrontations with his father turned violent, it was during these fits of violence, Homam began to see beyond the physical, into another place in time.

On the other hand, he was drawn to his mother’s German heritage, discovering an ability to speak the language as naturally as a German born citizen, after only three lessons. This leads to a mysterious connection between his German heritage, a horrible historical event, and the role it plays in the animosity he feels towards Negroes, especially his father.

“Memoirs of an Extraterrestrial, the Negro Conundrum” is a balls-to-the wall; take no prisoners adventure, and an entertaining ride. But most of all it is poignant, and in the moment! The issue of race is now and will become even more of an issue as we move deeper into 2012, and the upcoming presidential election. It speaks to the issue in a way no other work of fiction has ever dared, because what Homam must learn as the result of his experiences is to find a way to embrace that, which he hates the most; his human side – the Negro.





“Never Get Drunk In A Tranny Bar” is a story about a childhood fascination that became a life-long obsession, taking the author on a wild ride through the catacombs of decadence in New York City, as the executive producer of a Nationally syndicated talk show. Fiction – 41pages: $1.99

“Never Get Drunk In A Tranny Bar” is an excerpt from “Confessions of A Talk Show Producer” All rights reserved Copyright 2007

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